Helping mothers develop psychologically healthy and ecologically sustainable lifestyles by nurturing their personal and planetary wellness.


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Hi, I’m Allison. As a therapist and researcher, I’ve found nature therapy helps mothers find meaning in the stresses of motherhood by rooting us into our true nature as a part of Nature.



“Allie's approach helped frame my difficult climate feelings in a clear and hopeful way with practical steps to move into grounded action.”


Hannah Naylor

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Can’t wait for a climate circle? Find support in one of my most popular blog posts below.


How Ecoanxiety Affects You and 3 Ways to Cope

Your mental health is both personal and planetary. Ecoanxiety refers to a human emotional and psychological response to climate change and its ever-increasing effects. 

The Foundational Mother Wound

As more of us awaken to the harm of our separation from nature, we’re also awakening to the rupture we’ve experienced from our foundational attachment to nature—what I call the “foundational mother wound.”

3 Reasons to Do Nature Therapy as a Mother

Where do you go to find peace or to relax? Where are you when you feel the most alive? The most vital?More often than not, when faced with these questions, our answer is a place in nature.


Foundations of Matrescence for Maternal Mental Health Online Course

Learn the theory of matrescence and why its revival is transforming our approach to maternal mental health.

In this self-paced virtual course, you will learn about matrescence and the emerging field of maternal psychology so you can better support mothers' in the transition to motherhood.


Nature Therapy for New Mothers Online Course

Heed the Earth's cry and channel the transformative power of your ecodistress by rooting into Nature.

A self-paced virtual course that supports your wellness with psychoeducation and evidence-based invitations to connect with nature.


Maternal Ecopsychology for Ecological Development Online Course

Mend and tend the web of life by offering mothers a holistic, strength-based, relational approach to the transition to motherhood.

In this self-paced virtual course, you will learn about the emerging field of maternal ecopsychology so you can support mothers' ecological development in the transition to motherhood.


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* I understand the term “mothers” as inclusive and encompassing to all who identify as mothers or do mother work parenting a child, including those who are non-cisgender, non-binary, or have gender identities other than cis-women.