Assess Your Mental Wellness 

Better understand your maternal ecodistress and overall mental wellness with a one-to-one ecological assessment and follow-up report. 


Mothers are increasingly reporting climate and environment-related fears and anxieties and we need a strength-based approach to holding and supporting these growing pains within our overall development.



90 minutes

  • Ecological clinical assessment
  • Personalized map of strengths and maternal distress
  • Ecosomatic guided experience
  • Plans for place-based support
  • Report to review session and goals for future

Highlighting a Path Through Ecodistress


Whether you are struggling with climate- and environment-related mental health challenges or not, an ecological clinical assessment can provide you with an earth-centered path to recovery.

Session Features

1.5 hour session includes semi-structured assessment and follow-up report. 

Intro Ecological Self

Exploration of the ecological self so you can understand this worldview central to your wellness.

Assessment of Growth

Locate growth within your ecological domain so you can draw on your strengths along your journey.

Explore Challenges

Identify growing pains so you can hold them within the overall landscape of your growth.

Ecosomatic Invitation

Guided "mother tree" visualization so you can identify areas that inhibit your future growth.

Self-Guided Ceremony

Discuss place-based self-generated ceremony so you can honor your transition into motherhood.

Future Support

Report to summarize session and identify future support so you can continue your journey resourced.

Your Flourishing is Personal 


I was once immobilized postpartum at the gravity of our ecological reality. But our distress can be an awakening that deepens our relationship with the natural world. 

Report to Guide you with Future Support 


I'll send you a personal summary report so you can draw on our time together and other streams of support as you continue your journey towards greater ecological wellness. 

Highlight your path through climate and environmental-related distress with a mother-centered ecological assessment and support session.