Nature-Allied Therapy & Maternal Mental Health with Dr. Allison Davis

maternal mental health mother praxis nature therapy Aug 09, 2021


This past January I recorded a podcast episode on nature therapy for maternal mental health. If you missed it, give it a listen!

Learn about nature therapy and how it can help support your mental health and wellness as a mother. I share about my orientation as an nature therapist and a bit about how it transforms the conventional psychological approach to maternal mental wellness. 

In this episode, I share:

  • The main mental health assumptions of ecopsychology and nature therapy (applied ecopsychology)
  • How a human-centered "anthropocentric"mindset is rooted in values of control and domination
  • How nature therapy transforms our approach to mental health and wellness
  • What it means to approach developmental challenges of mothering from a wellness and strength-based model rather than a medical model
  • Why we have to consider personal, social, cultural, and enviornmental dimensions of mental wellness in our healing journeys
  • What I mean when I say mental health is both personal and planetary (Roszak)
  • How I see my mothering clients resonate with this approach: including ecogrief, alienation from modern mothering consumption, and the importance of spirituality 
  • The first stage of nature therapy, or "upwork" (Clineball)
  • Why your therapist's theoretical orientation is important 



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