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New Season! Animate Mother with Co-Host Kamya O’Keefe

New Season! Animate Mother with Co-Host Kamya O’Keefe

animate mother podcast Aug 05, 2022

A new season of the podcast is coming soon. Thanks to co-host Kamya O’Keeffe, we’ve changed out name to Animate Mother and will have a new focus that deepens the discussions of previous seasons.

Animate Mother re-envisions motherhood as a rite of passage and recognizes the deep ecological awakening and initiations that often accompany the profound bio-psycho-social-spiritual changes within matrescence.  

In this season we explore mothering ecoconsciousness as a provocation toward a growing awareness of living within and ‘in relation to’ an ecological community of beings and discover the joy of being held within a greater web of kinship.

Join Kamya and me for stories of diversity in mothering across generations, geographies, intelligences, and species that help us tend and mend the web of support in mothering. Unravel and unlearn with us the ways of thinking that have separated us from our true nature and from our interdependence with the natural world.

In a time of climate, reproductive and racial injustice, we can root into our Earth-honoring pasts and channel the transformative power of matrescence to become the guides we envision for ourselves, our families, our communities and the planet.  

I’m so excited to have Kamya’s creativity and insight as an ecofeminist rites of passage guide with me as I continue this podcast journey. We hope you will join us and become part of a growing earth-honouring mother movement.

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