Why Ecoanxious Moms Need Climate Circles

climate circles ecoanxiety Apr 08, 2022

The monthly mother Climate Circles I run are important for mothers feeling ecoanxiety. Why? Because we need each other to make sense of these feelings and be able to ground them into useful action.

Moms need the kind of exploration that climate circles provide as we become more aware of how climate and ecological destruction are not far-away problems but a clear and present danger to our safety and wellbeing. Moms need to talk about what our changing world means for us, our families, and our communities. We need to face it explicitly, think about it clearly, so we can start to explore the complex feelings and thoughts that are often taboo in our culture. 

Ignoring our feelings, just as ignoring the climate crisis, will not make them go away. Instead the problem will become worse and we will be dealing with the symptoms in ever more extreme ways anyway. 

The focus of mother climate circles is participants’ thoughts and feelings about the climate and ecological crisis. There are no guest speakers and no talks, and it is an advice-free zone. I open each meeting with an ecosomatic activity to orient us all to the present. Then we have an open space to meet and talk. It's that simple. 

Participants have shared being in circle around this issue is helpful because:. 

It was difficult to show up but it felt good to get out of my isolation with these feelings.

It felt supportive to be in a community of people experiencing similar struggles and challenges while also being in alignment with certain values.

It felt super healthy to be in an honest space and to be able to drop into real feelings.

These groups are important for ecoanxious moms in particular because anxiety is usually just the presenting issue. We can process the anxiety, and often the underlying anger and grief, that can comes with awakening to our ecological reality in a changing climate. Then we can explore these underlying feelings for personal meaning and as a source of our collective strength as mothers. 

To join the next monthly circle, get your free ticket at: I understand these are difficult groups to attend, but they are so important for you to get support for what are already overwhelming climate feelings. I’d love to see you in circle.


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