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 Overwhelming Climate Feelings 

Process the anxiety, grief and depression that can come with awakening to our ecological reality in a changing climate. Explore these feelings for personal meaning and as a source of our collective strength as mothers.

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Attend an online small-group climate circle November 7, 2022 12PM (MDT).

  • Guided visualization
  • Mother-centered conversation
  • Ecotherapy invitation

Mothers are increasingly reporting climate and environment-related fears and anxieties and need a strength-based approach to holding and supporting these growing pains within their overall development.

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Attend an online small-group climate circle December 5, 2022 12PM (MDT).

  • Ecosomatic guided visualization
  • Mother-centered conversation
  • Step-by-step ecotherapy invitation

Hi! I'm Allison

As a counselor, educator, and researcher of maternal mental health, I help mothers move though climate- and enviornmental-related distress towards lifestyles that are psychologically healthy and ecologically sustainable. 


Facilitation feedback

It was difficult to show up but it felt good to get out of my isolation with these feelings.

April 2022 Participant

It felt supportive to be in a community of people experiencing similar struggles and challenges while also being in alignment with certain values.

June 2022 Participant

It felt super healthy to be in an honest space and to be able to drop into real feelings.

May 2022 Participant

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